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                                    Negative Emotions

Most people do not know that there are techniques that can resolve and eliminate negative emotions like anger or hurt in just one session. Traditional therapy often takes many sessions and even then it does not totally get rid of the negative emotion. Ken has developed unique changework techniques that use the unconscious part of the mind to quickly change how your feel and think. Clients are amazed at how simple, fast and easy it was to get rid of the emotion especially when they have often spend years working with traditional therapists.

Everyone is familiar with the word therapy and that is why it is used in the title. Ken does not do traditional therapy. He uses techniques that deal with the problems and emotions at their root which is unconscious. If your problem were conscious you would be able to change it yourself just by thinking about it. That is why traditional therapy doesn’t work very well, because traditional therapy tries to achieve change by talking about it. Traditional therapy is often called “talk therapy”. Ken uses guided imagery techniques. Imagery is the “language” of the unconscious mind. A lot of problems are caused by beliefs. Beliefs are often held at the unconscious level and are resistant to conscious change. They are resistant to change because they are “TRUE” according to the unconscious mind.

Would you like to learn hypnosis or self hypnosis? Ken is a certified Trainer in hypnosis, guided imagery, and neuro-linguistic programming. He has trained and certified Hypnotherapists both here locally and nationally. Often he teaches and trains clients in self hypnosis, autogenics and self help techniques like Focusing. Check out the pages under the training menu for more information about his various trainings. Or call him and he will discuss the possibility of private training and even training over Skype.

This section of the site contains not only testimonials but also frequently asked questions, links to scientific research and links to various articles in national publications. Hopefully this section of the site will answer any questions you have about the tremendous effectiveness of guided imagery, hypnosis and other techniques.